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    Empowering European educators to promote democratic values in digital spaces

What is the Fellowship Programme Digital Europe?

In the Fellowship Programme Digital Europe, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Schwarzkopf Foundation jointly support efforts by European educators to promote democratic values in digital spaces. To this end, we shall award four fellowships in the education network Understanding Europe in 2021 to young European educators who deal with the topic of the digital public sphere and the participation of young people in Europe. During the six-month programme, the fellows will develop new workshop formats for students 13 years and older, focusing on democratic citizenship in the digital public sphere, and put them into practice. These new workshops and their didactic approaches should be diversity-oriented, easily accessible and open to the interests and lives of young people.

Why a Fellowship Programme Digital Europe?

By developing these new formats and introducing them to classrooms, we aim to strengthen the democratic competencies of students and young adults in the digital age. The workshops are intended to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about risks and opportunities for democracies in Europe that have resulted from the increasing digitalisation of the public sphere. For young Europeans, the workshops create a space to reflect and to discuss topics such as democratic participation in digital spaces, the online representation of marginalized groups, or the role of social media for social movements. The programme offers its fellows a distinct opportunity to professionalise their social commitment and passion for accessible and diversity-oriented educational work.

How does the Fellowship Programme Digital Europe work?

The fellowship is primarily aimed at young Europeans between the ages of 18 and 27 who have some practical experience in diversity-oriented educational work – preferably in the field of peer education. Applicants should be willing to use and reflect upon their knowledge of representation and participation, diversity in the European context, power structures, anti-discrimination, antiracism, anti-Semitism, and empowerment. Hands-on experience in the usage of audio-visual media is considered an asset for the creation of new workshops but is not a must. Multilingualism is a plus.

The duration of the fellowship is six months from April to September 2021. During that period, the fellows receive financial support in the amount of 450 Euro per month as well as pedagogical support from the Schwarzkopf Foundation. Additionally, there will be many opportunities to network, to learn about different issues such as inclusion, and to acquire new skills, for example in media production. At the end of the project, the results of the fellows' work will be published as Open Educational Resources.
To learn more about the fellowship programme Digital Europe, click here. For additional questions, please contact Antonia Marx.

Due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, activities organized in the context of the fellowship will take place digitally until further notice. We will keep you informed about further relevant decisions as soon as possible.

The four selected Fellows are:

Show content of Kansu Ekin Tanca

Fellowship Digital Europe - Kansu

Kansu Ekin Tanca is excited to use digital participation to enhance democracy in the digital world and aims to dig deeper into the rights-based approach to digital literacy. She will host the workshop “Challenges of the digital public sphere: rights and responsibilities of being digital citizens.”

Show content of Farah Abdi


Farah Abdi believes in a diversity-oriented approach in education as a way to find solutions in challenging times. She will develop a workshop focusing on “Mis- and underrepresentation of marginalised groups: using social networks to advocate and to organize for diversity and inclusion.”

Show content of Elena Popescu

Fellowship Digital Europe - Elena

Elena Popescu’s goals are to design activities that treat students fairly and equally and to incorporate them into the future projects of her NGO “Station Europe”. She develops a workshop on “Social media campaigns: Promoting civic engagement, diversity and inclusion in the European digital public sphere”.

Show content of Davit Manukyan

Fellowship Digital Europe - Davit

In Armenia, his country of origin, Davit Manukyan sees many obstacles for the youth in terms of self-realization in civic activism. To address this, he will design a workshop that enables young people to get involved using digital tools: „Local digital communities: using familiar social media platforms to create political impact in local communities”.

The Members of the Sounding Board are:

Show content of Mariya Atanasova


Mariya Atanasova is a Romani activist from Bulgaria with experience in mentorship programs with Romani youths and children. She was selected for “Young European of the Year” in 2020 by the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe and awarded the Woman in Youth Activism Award 2020. Mariya is a midwifery graduate and currently studying in a MA preparation program at Central European University.

Show content of Ruben Brave


Ruben Brave is a Dutch internet pioneer and board member at impactful tech or media-related organizations such as Internet Society Netherlands (ISOC) and the Dutch Startup Association (dSa). He is also a media professional and a serial entrepreneur in technology, media and telecommunication, for example as founder of the academic business incubator Entelligence b.v. for pre-seed financing and initiator of Make Media Great Again (MMGA.io)

Show content of Monika Ladmanová


Monika Ladmanová is an Advisor and Member of the Cabinet of the Vice-President for Values and Transparency, Vera Jourová, on the issues of gender equality, antidiscrimination and minorities and corporate responsibility. The lawyer has extensive experience in the non-profit and the private sector, having worked for the Soros Foundation and IBM. Monika founded several non-governmental, nonpartisan initiatives on human rights and gender equality.

Show content of Andreea Belu


Andreea Belu is a Campaigns and Communications Manager and works at European Digital Rights. She has a master in Business Administration and Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School. In the past she co-founded and served as Director of Board in the Danish NGO OptIn4Privacy. Andreea worked for a Danish privacy-enhancing-tech startup, as well as for the Danish think-do-tank DataEthics.eu.

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